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Tinnitus Relief: Refuge from Maddening Sounds

August 8th, 2008 | admin | Tinnitus Relief

Buzzing, humming, hissing, whistling, clicking, beeping, roaring, ticking – these are only some of the sounds a sufferer would be driven to seek tinnitus relief for. Add the adjectives relentless, persistent, and constant to the verbs above and you could pretty much guess the hell tinnitus sufferers are in – day in and out.

By itself, tinnitus is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom that points to a lot of underlying causes, among them ear infection, wax or foreign objects in the ear, wax build-up, or injuries that resulted from loud noise. Tinnitus may also be a side-effect of oral medications or a manifestation of abnormally low serotonin levels.

Luckily for tinnitus sufferers, there are now a variety of treatments that can help them deal with tinnitus. These range from resources such as Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus to gamma knife radiosurgery. These treatments have varying levels of statistical reliability. 

If you’re seeking tinnitus relief, you might want to consider the following treatments:

1. Teflon implant to shield the cochlea
2. Arterial anatomic variation
3. Gamma knife radiosurgery
4. Reduced intake – or even better, avoidance – of caffeine, salt, and nicotine.
5. Intake of zinc supplements
6. Intake of melatonin, especially for those who seek tinnitus AND insomnia relief
7. Use of implanted electrodes to directly stimulate the auditory cortex
8. Surgery
9. Tinnitus masking
10. Tinnitus retraining therapy
11. Use of hearing aid to compensate for loss of sound frequencies
12. Avoidance of noise from the outside
13. Cognitive behavior therapy
14. Intake of different vitamin combinations
15. Low level laser therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation

In seeking tinnitus relief, note that different strokes work for different folks. What worked for your grandmother or the girl who lives next door might not work on you. Bottomline: treatment – no matter what kind – is only as good as you think it is.

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